title="Fen Ditton Parish Council in Cambridgeshire">

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Many Parish Council documents are now posted online, and are available either as Adobe PDF or Word Documents. Please click on your required document below. These can be printed for reference, but cannot be altered, and are published in accordance with Crown Copyright regulations.

Please click here for the dates, agendas and reports of forthcoming meetings and for draft minutes of the most recent meetings.

Please click here to view the Parish Council’s Statutory Documents.

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Name  Size  Type
Accounts (29.9MB) Accounts 29.9MB Folder
Approved Minutes (Archive) (61.1MB) Approved Minutes (Archive) 61.1MB Folder
Churchyard (79.5MB) Churchyard 79.5MB Folder
Communications Received (1.5MB) Communications Received 1.5MB Folder
Communications Sent (20.6MB) Communications Sent 20.6MB Folder
Community Outreach Fen Ditton (COFD) (1MB) Community Outreach Fen Ditton (COFD) 1MB Folder
Conservation (3.4MB) Conservation 3.4MB Folder
Consultations (7.3MB) Consultations 7.3MB Folder
Exception Site (3.9MB) Exception Site 3.9MB Folder
Guidance (4.1MB) Guidance 4.1MB Folder
Marleigh (formerly Wing) (24.6MB) Marleigh (formerly Wing) 24.6MB Folder
Miscellaneous (63.1MB) Miscellaneous 63.1MB Folder
Newsletters (19.8MB) Newsletters 19.8MB Folder
Pavilion - FD Recreation Ground Trust (3.5MB) Pavilion - FD Recreation Ground Trust 3.5MB Folder
Proposals (12.6MB) Proposals 12.6MB Folder
Recreation Ground (184.9KB) Recreation Ground 184.9KB Folder
Reports (12.3MB) Reports 12.3MB Folder
Speed Data (5.2MB) Speed Data 5.2MB Folder
Statutory Documents (2.1MB) Statutory Documents 2.1MB Folder
Transport (76.3MB) Transport 76.3MB Folder
Tree work (279.1KB) Tree work 279.1KB Folder