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   More road closures scheduled into April    16 March, 2019

At the end of next week/beginning of w/c 25 March, the temporary traffic lights will be moved south of the junction, which should ease things a bit traffic-wise for the majority of Fen Ditton residents. The contractors will then be carrying out drainage gulley works in the area near the west side car park (north of Fison Road). Next week the project team will carry out a letterdrop to residents on both sides of the road along that stretch to inform them of the works and any likely impact on their movements.

Further ahead, the project team are planning closures on Ditton Lane/Horningsea Road in mid to late April (after Easter). These closures will be for the resurfacing works, and can only take place when the A14 is not shut between Stow and Milton. Hence they will be overnight, probably 8.00pm to 6.00am and probably over a 4- or 5-night period. The team will do a letterdrop to the whole village when they have definite information.

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