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   Anglian Water consultation period EXTENDED till 14 September    25 August, 2020

Anglian Water has extended phase one of the consultation period on the relocation of their water treatment works till 14 September.

Here is the text of their statement:

We want to hear what people think about our proposals for the Cambridge Waste Water Treatment Plant Relocation project, and we have been inviting feedback from the community throughout this phase one consultation which commenced on 08 July, across a range of channels. In the meetings held on the proposals during this consultation we have so far had a really good response. There have been 2262 visitors to the digital engagement platform since the launch of consultation on 08 July, with 2483 contributions made by 515 respondents. We have also received around 300 hard copy feedback form responses.

Throughout the consultation we have been listening to the community and its representatives, and seeking to undertake an inclusive and open consultation process for the relocation project. It’s important to note that our phase one consultation is only the first stage of an ongoing consultation process on the proposals as they continue to develop. Whilst this phase one consultation seeks feedback on the site selection process and any other criteria we should consider as part of this process, once a final decision on the location for the relocation project has been made we will be holding two further phases of consultation to consult on the details of the proposals including issues such as traffic and access, which we know are important to the local community.

When planning our phase one consultation, we had already provided an additional two weeks beyond the statutory 28 days for responses. We do however fully appreciate that there is a breadth of interest owing to the multiple site area options that we are seeking feedback on. Therefore we are pleased to announce that, on this occasion, we will be extending phase one until 14 September. To ensure our consultation process is also fair and non-prejudicial, we will be providing this extension to anyone who wishes to comment on the proposals, and we will be publicising and communicating the extension to 14 September widely across the community and local media.

Future rounds of consultation will also provide an opportunity for us to consult on the specific detail of the proposals. Our second phase of consultation, which will be a statutory consultation, will be held in Spring next year. We will have identified a final site by this point and will be consulting on how it could look and operate and on environmental information in a Preliminary Environmental Information Report. The third phase of consultation will be in Winter 2021, when we will be consulting on a more detailed near final design for the project. We will still be scheduling a six week consultation period, allowing a longer response time than the 28 day statutory requirements. Outside of our formal phases of consultation, we will be carrying on the conversation with stakeholders and the community through dedicated working groups, update meetings and literature.



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