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   GCP 'Making Connections' consultation    26 October, 2022

The Greater Cambridge Partnership 'Making Connections' consultation is now open. Residents and those travelling to the area are being asked for their thoughts on the three parts of the proposals:

  1. Transforming the bus network - new routes, additional services, cheaper fares and longer operating hours
  2. Investing in other sustainable travel schemes - new sustainable travel schemes, such as better walking and cycling links

  3. Creating a Sustainable Travel Zone - GCP is proposing the introduction of a Sustainable Travel Zone which includes a road user charge in and around Cambridge. Vehicles would be charged for driving within the zone between 7am and 7pm on weekdays, and money raised would fund improvements to the bus network and other sustainable travel schemes. The Zone would be fully operational in 2027/28 but only after the bus improvements are introduced

Please click here for more details of the proposals, including the consultation brochure, a map book showing current and proposed bus services, a zoomable map of the proposed Sustainable Travel Zone, details of drop-in sessions and webinars, and to the survey itself.

The proposals will be on the agenda for discussion at the Fen Ditton Parish Council meeting on 1 November (to be held in the church) so if any residents wish to come along they would, as always, be most welcome.

The consultation closes at midday on 23 December 2022.

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