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   Rogue Trading incident(s)    9 May, 2014

ecops have sent out two warnings about rogue traders;

An incident has taken place in Cottenham this afternoon where a victim of a previous rogue trading incident has had a visit from a person impersonating a Trading Standards officer wanting to take away paperwork.
Genuine Trading Standards Officers would never act like this, and carry official identification which you can check.

If you are cold called by a person purporting to be a Trading Standards Officer please call the Police on 999.

If you have an older/ vulnerable relative who you may have had recent suspicious building work and could be subject to further harassment by the traders please ensure you pass on this message.

If you think you have been a victim of a Rogue Trader, please report this by contacting our partner
 The Citizens Advice Consumer Service or call Trading Standards 0845 4040506.

Doorstep and telephone selling of alarm systems

There has been a recent incident of a sales person contacting residents in Hinxton this week to offer security products at a reduced or heavily discounted rate.

These sales people have periodically visited Cambridgeshire to sell alarm and security products to homeowners; making misleading claims such as you can buy an alarm for just £1; or staying in the person's home for a great length of time to get them to sign up for a security system.

These techniques are illegal and the companies involved have been advised by colleagues at Cambridgeshire Trading Standards as to the correct business practice to follow.  The company has also featured on Watchdog where sales reps. were putting undue pressure on homeowners to buy a security system.

"If during visit to your property a trader refuses to leave contact the police immediately and make note of the time of the request, and the time the trader leaves."

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