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   Double yellow lines proposed for parts of High Ditch Road    22 October, 2014

Following numerous complaints and the online consultation that has been running since March 2014, the Parish Council has put together a proposal for double yellow lines to be put down along some parts of High Ditch Road.

The majority of the complaints have been about inconsiderate drivers parking too close to the Horningsea-High Ditch Road junction, which can reduce the view of drivers and cause them to pull out - sometimes into oncoming traffic - before they can see if the road is clear.

The second complaint has been about the damage caused to verges on High Ditch Road when drivers unable past the parked cars mount the verge on the opposite side of the road to get by.

The third problem is for drivers pulling out of Francis Court, who often have to gamble that nothing is approaching as they are unable to see round the parked cars very close to the entrance.

The proposal will be discussed at the November meeting of the Parish Council. Please note that this is just a proposal at this stage, it may be amended at the meeting and your views are welcome either online or at the start of the meeting.

At this stage the Traffic Department has not been consulted so the proposals may have to be amended at a later date based on their advice and policies.

Here's the link to the full proposal.


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