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News  »  Latest information from eCops, issued 23rd December

   Latest information from eCops, issued 23rd December    23 December, 2014

The Enquiry Offices at Cambourne,  Sawston and Histon Police Stations will be closed from 24th December until 5th January.
There has been 7 Crimes to report since my last ecops message on 9th December.
Between 12/12 & 15/12 Church Road, Stow cum Quy. Heating Oil theft.
Between stated dates and times unknown offender has stolen roughly 1000L of oil from a heating oil tank outside Quy Mill Hotel. CF0483641214 refers.
On 17/12 12:34 Newmarket Road Teversham. Making off without payment.
At the stated time and date unknown offender has come to front of the location, pulled up to the pump, proceeded to fill up the vehicle a Citroen Piccaso LV04 WVB, then got straight back into the vehicle and driven off from the location without making an attempt to pay for the fuel. CF0486621214 refers.
On 17/12 between 08:00 & 18:23, Stanbury Close, Fen Ditton. House Burglary.
A 3 bedroom detached house on a Cul de Sac was entered by unknown offender by forcing open the rear wooden double glazed window and items taken. Exit was via rear French doors. CF0487281214 refers.
Between 05/12 15:00 & 18/12 14:00 Station Road, Stow cum Quy. Heating Oil theft.
Between material times and dates unknown suspects have siphoned off approximately 500 litres of heating oil. CF0487961214 refers.
Between 08/12 09:00 & 17/12 10:00, Station Road, Stow cum Quy. Heating Oil theft.
Unknown offender has stolen heating oil from tank at detached house in remote location by forcing off the breather valve cap. 
On 19/12 between 10:30 & 20:00, Horningsea Road, Fen Ditton. Criminal damage to a vehicle.
Unknown offenders have damage a Yamaha motorcycle when left in a field at the location. CF0490731214 refers.
Between 14/12 17:00 & 19/12 07:58, High Street Fen Ditton. House Burglary.
The offence location is a small 2 bed cottage located on a residential street. Entry has been gained via the side rear door which has been jemmied open. Very little has been taken with cupboards and drawers opened. CF0490821214 refers.

If you have any information regarding the above crimes please contact us on 101 and quote the CF number.
**South Cambridgeshire target Prolific Burglars**
Some good news regarding burglars, the following criminals have been convicted and sentenced for South Cambridgeshire burglaries.
Oliver DALBY – Cambridge City burglar who was convicted of 9 dwelling burglaries travelling into South Cambridgeshire villages during 2014.  3 house burglaries in Landbeach and further burglaries in the following villages, Great Shelford, Milton, Girton, Cottenham, Impington and Willingham. DALBY was convicted to 876 days in prison on the 5th December 2014 at Cambridge Crown Court.
Tomas DRUNGELAS – A prolific Hertfordshire burglar who was travelling into South Cambridgeshire villages during 2011 and 2012, admitted to committing 199 offences across a number of cross border forces, 7 of these were dwelling burglaries in the villages of Foxton (two offences), Shepreth, Whittlesford, and three offences in Great Shelford. DRUNGELAS sentencing has been deferred, following acceptance onto the C2 project in Hertfordshire.
Gareth FARRINGTON – A Cambridge City burglar who travelled into South Cambridgeshire and was convicted of 2 dwelling burglaries in the village of Impington during 2014. FARRINGTON was sentenced to three years in prison on the 19th November 2014.
Reginald HILL – A Surrey burglar who travelled into South Cambridgeshire and has been charged with a burglary in Little Shelford in 2014 and is currently remanded awaiting trial.
And just a reminder – 
Keep presents and valuables out of sight, dispose of packaging carefully, keep doors and windows locked and property mark your valuables.
Have a crime free Christmas and New Year.
PCSO 7046 Julie Hajredini.

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