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   Public access to riverside footpath - update    2 September, 2015

Agents for Gonville and Caius College have put together a draft permissive path agreement between the College and the County Council, on the terms discussed previously with Parish Council representatives (i.e. the route through the boathouse field will effectively remain as a footpath open to the public, with the College reserving the right to close it when necessary). The agreement should be finalised and completed over the coming days.

The agents will endeavour to inform us of any proposed closures of the permissive route in advance and to erect signs notifying the public. Closures will be for planned events (the Bumps and the Autumn Regatta) and at other times deemed necessary for the management of the meadows, or to prevent damage.

The agents have sought quotes from a contractor to make the necessary alterations to the gates at either end (to allow the main gates to remain locked, while permitting pedestrian access). They hope that the work can take place over the next two to three weeks.

In the meantime, they will need to close the cattle out of the boathouse field from 4th September, ahead of the Dragon Boat Festival and the Autumn Regatta which take place on the 12th and the 13th. Access can remain, but they will need to make sure that people close the gate behind them to exclude cattle. Notices will be erected to that effect, and the Parish Council asks that they not be removed by members of the public. 

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