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   Overweight lorries in Fen Ditton?    11 January, 2016

The current weight limit for through traffic in Fen Ditton is 18 tonnes; this includes Horningsea Road, Ditton Lane and High Ditch Road. Government guidance indicates that lorries under this weight limit will never have more than two axles. So there should be NO multi-axle lorries passing through the village (there is an exemption for those needing to access properties within it).

Overweight lorries can cause damage to the roads and verges, and pose risks to cyclists and pedestrians. If you see an offending lorry and can take its registration number (or, even better, a photograph), you may wish to report the incident to the police by calling 101.

Other problems involving the roads, including road and pavement surfaces, road signs, faulty street lights, fly-tipping and speeding, can all be reported online. This is the most effective way of getting them dealt with, especially if the same problem is reported by a number of people. The Useful Links tab above provides links to the relevant authorities’ websites.

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