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   Dog fouling in Fen Ditton?    3 February, 2016

A number of residents have expressed concern at finding dog faeces on the Rec, especially in the children's play area (where there should be no dogs at all, even on a lead). South Cambridgeshire District Council include the following information about dog fouling on their website:

‘Under the Dogs (Fouling of Land) Act 1996 it is generally an offence for anyone in charge of a dog to allow it to foul unless they clear it up. If there is a persistent problem with dog fouling in your area we have a number of options.

  • We can investigate, issue warnings, fixed penalty notices or even prosecute persons in charge who fail to clear up after their dog, providing you know who that person is, have witnessed the incident and are prepared to give a statement and possibly go to court
  • We can assess whether there are adequate facilities for the disposal of dog mess in the vicinity
  • We can arrange for ad-hoc clearances of heavily fouled areas’.

If you wish to report an incident of dog fouling to the district council, please click here.

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