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   Saturday 24th June - Event at The Plough    26 June, 2017

Fen Ditton Parish Council had no formal notice of this event taking place. It came to our attention as advanced notice letters were dropped through neighbouring residents’ doors earlier in the week. A very big thank you to everyone who was able to respond to the call for help to best mitigate fall-out from this event at short notice. The coning through the village, notices on High Street and opening of the recreation ground all appear to have helped best manage cars.

Not surprisingly, there were a number of residents (typically direct neighbours) who were very upset by the level of noise, and they were encouraged to complain directly to The Plough, the police and the SCDC environmental line. The police did attend late into the evening in response to these calls, and The Plough’s manager responded by shutting music down earlier than publicised.  

The event’s manager, Sarah Day, who is independent of The Plough acknowledged the complaints and problems of such an event in a residential area. She advised she will not book the venue again. By means of an apology and goodwill, she has requested that we keep the £233.20 collected on the gate in addition to the £275.00 charged as a set fee for use of the recreation ground, giving us a total of £508.20 towards the Recreation Ground Trust’s fund.

Jason Cooper, General Manager of The Plough, has sent the Parish Council a detailed letter explaining the circumstances and apologising for the inconvenience. He is clear that this was an event he inherited from his predecessor and, equally, that he has no intention of allowing a similar event again. Please click here to read the full text of his letter.

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